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Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP)
Last Updated: 04/26/16

Diagnostics Evaluation Branch (DEB)

The Diagnostics Evaluation Branch (DEB) facilitates the development of markers and validation of innovative in vitro diagnostics to improve clinical outcomes for cancer patients.

  • Stimulating and supporting research to use in vitro diagnostics as prognostic markers to improve tumor classification and predictive markers to improve response to therapy.
  • Stimulating and supporting research on ELSI (ethical, legal and social implications) research considerations that include, but are not limited to: (i) informed consent, (ii) data access and data security, (iii) disclosure of research findings, and (iv) promoting community engagement of research participants.
  • Collaborating with other researchers and Government agencies to analytically and clinically validate in vitro diagnostics and their clinical utility.

DEB Staff

Name Position Primary Email Phone
Tracy Lively, Ph.D. Branch Chief (240) 276-5944
Magdalena Thurin, Ph.D. Program Director (240) 276-5973
Kelly Kim, Ph.D. Program Director (240) 276-7811
Carol Weil, J.D. Program Director (240) 276-5975
Lyndsay Harris, MD Program Director (240) 276-6327
Acquilly Lionel Administrative Support (240) 276-6005