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Clinical Correlative Studies

Active Program Announcements (PA) and Requests for Applications (RFA)

The Cancer Diagnosis Program offers several program announcements to encourage patient-oriented research on new strategies for cancer diagnosis. Some of these announcements are sponsored by the NCI Cancer Therapy Evalution Program to support the integration of translational studies into clinical trials. Investigators may apply for several types of awards in addition to the standard (R01) research project grant.

Current Initiatives

Announcement # Title Expiration
PA-08-134 (R01)
PA-08-133 (R21)
Correlative Studies with Specimens from Multi-site Trials 05/08/12
PA-09-158 (R21)
PA-09-159 (R33)
Developmental Research in Cancer Prognosis and Prediction 05/08/12
PA-10-025 (R01)
PA-10-026 (R21)
Development, Application, and Evaluation of Prediction Models for Cancer Risk and Prognosis 01/08/13
PAR-08-025 (R21) Quick-Trials for Novel Cancer Therapies and Prevention: Exploratory Grants 11/10/10
PA-08-208 (R21)
PA-08-209 (R03)
Pilot Studies in Pancreatic Cancer 09/08/11
PA-09-238 (R21) Exfoliated Cells and Circulating DNA in Cancer Detection and Diagnosis 09/08/12
PA-08-156 (R01)
PA-08-157 (R21)
Biomarkers of Infection-Associated Cancers 05/08/11
PA-08-143 (R01) Mitochondria in Cancer Epidemiology, Detection, Diagnosis and Prognosis 05/08/11

Recent Clinical Correlative Studies Funded by CDP provides examples of applications funded in response to these and related prior initiatives.

Information for Grant Applicants: see the Web site of the NCI Office of Technology and Industrial Relations:
Diagnostics Research: New Markers for Prediction and Prognosis

Full List of Cancer Diagnosis Initiatives