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U.S. National Institutes of Health

Technology Development

Active Program Announcements (PA) and Requests for Applications (RFA)

The NCI offers grant programs to support early and later stages of technology development with relevance to cancer diagnosis.

Current Initiatives (shown in order of publication in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts)

PA-10-010 (R21)
Bioengineering Research Grants Expires January 8, 2013
PA-09-238(R21) Circulating Cells in Cancer Detection Expires September 8, 2012
PA-09-158 (R21/R33)
PA-09-159 (R33)
Phased Application Awards in Cancer Prognosis and Prediction Expires May 8, 2012
PA-08-267 (R21) Exploratory Studies in Cancer Detection, Diagnosis, and Prognosis Expires September 8, 2012
PAR-10-234(R01) Bioengineering Research Partnerships Expires September 8, 2013
RFA-CA-12-002 (R21) Early-Stage Innovative Technology Development for Cancer Research Expires September 19, 2012
RFA-CA-12-003 (R33) Validation and Advanced Development of Emerging Technologies for Cancer Research Expires September 19, 2012
RFA-CA-07-037 (R21)
RFA-CA-07-038 (R33)
Innovative and Early-Stage Development of Emerging Technologies in Biospecimens Science Expires September 19, 2012

Recent Technology Development Studies Funded by CDP provides examples of applications funded in response to these and related prior initiatives.

Full List of Cancer Diagnosis Initiatives

Additional announcements of interest:

Bioengineering Research Partnerships
PAR-10-234 (R01) - Released July 21, 2010

Bioengineering Nanotechnology Initiative (SBIR)
PA-10-149 (R41, R42) - Release Date: April 6, 2010 and
PA-10-150 (R43,R44) - Release Date: April 6, 2010

NIH Funding Opportunities in Biomedical Informatics and Computational Biology